Executive committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the Chair, Treasurer and three other board members, one who has to be a representative of a non-profit member. The Executive committee has three major functions, to:

  1. Steer: create and review agendas for discussion and decision by the Board.
  2. Oversee: evaluate key performance indicators and suggest corrective actions between Board meetings.
  3. Expedite: take any decisions delegated to it by the board. This usually happens after full board discussion reaches a consensus on a major initiative and wants open details resolved before the next board meeting.

Executive Committee members

  • Paul Peters, Hindawi Limited (Chair)
  • Scott Delman, ACM (Treasurer)
  • Jason Wilde, American Institute of Physics
  • Chris Shillum, Elsevier
  • John Shaw, Sage Publications

Last Updated: 2017 November 16