Funding metadata

Funding metadata may be supplied for most record models, and helps link funding to research.

When registering funding metadata, DO:

  • include the name of the funding organization and the funder identifier from the Open Funder Registry
  • include an award/grant number whenever possible
  • include a funder name if a funder identifier is not available - funding data that is not paired with a funder identifier is not available via our APIs, but we may be able to match the name supplied with an identifier and make the data available
  • pay close attention to the structure of your metadata - correct nesting of funder names and identifiers is essential as it significantly impacts how funders, funder identifiers, and award numbers are related to each other

Do not:

  • Include incomplete funder names or acronyms as a funder_name, particularly if you have not supplied an accompanying funder identifier.

Some additional best practices for extracting data and working with vendors to supply funding data are available in this Best Practices for depositing funding data blog post, and review our Funding Markup Guide for XML and metadata help.

Page owner: Patricia Feeney   |   Last updated 2022-June-01