Depositor report

The depositor report is used for checking basic info about your DOI registrations.

Depositor reports list all DOIs by member and title for journals, books, and conference proceedings. We currently have depositor reports for journals, books, and conference proceedings (but not for other record types). The index page is updated weekly. Title-level reports are updated as your metadata is updated with us.

Depositor reports by record type
Access journals depositor report
Access books depositor report
Access conference proceedings depositor report

Each title-level report lists all DOIs registered for the title as well as (for each DOI) the owning prefix, the deposit timestamp, the date the record was last updated, and the number of Cited-by matches. To view each title-level report, select the member name then the appropriate title.

  • Field/missing metadata report: You can also see what basic bibliographic metadata fields are populated for your journal articles - click on the green triangle to the right of each member name to view a field / missing metadata report.
  • DOI crawler: We crawl a broad sample of journal DOIs to make sure the DOIs are resolving to the appropriate page. For each journal crawled, a sample of DOIs that equals 5% of the total DOIs for the journal up to a maximum of 50 DOIs is selected. You can access the crawler details for a given journal by selecting the linked date in the ‘last crawl date’ column.

Click on a member name in the report, and you will see a list of that member’s titles below the name. Click on any publication title to open a text file which list all DOIs for that title.

The initial view shows:

  • Name: name of the member. Members with more than one prefix will appear multiple times
  • Journal/Book/Conf Proc count: number of journal, book, or conference proceeding titles associated with the member
  • Total DOIs: total number of DOIs deposited for the selected title
  • Field report: shows missing metadata fields for each member, select the Green arrow right icon icon to view

The expanded view shows:

  • Name of each journal, book, or conference proceeding with DOI names deposited by the member
  • DOIs: Total number of DOIs registered for each journal, book, or conference proceeding deposited by the member
  • Last crawl date: date of last crawler report (if available)
Depositor report expanded view

Depositor report title view

Select a journal, book, or conference proceeding title to retrieve a list of DOIs for the title (DOI), the owner prefix of the DOI (OWNER), the timestamp value for the DOI (DEPOSIT-TIMESTAMP) the date the DOI was last updated (LAST-UPDATED), and the number of Cited-by matches for the DOI:

Depositor report title view

Title-level depositor report data may also be retrieved using format=doilist - learn more about retrieving DOIs by title.

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