Manage users and folders

This section is for Similarity Check account administrators who are integrating iThenticate v2 with their Manuscript Submission System (MTS)

No need to create users with an integration with an MTS

If you are using iThenticate through an integration with an MTS, then you do not need to set up any other users on your new iThenticate account. This is because all the submissions from your MTS will be made by the API key you’ve set, rather than individual users. The only person who will need credentials for the iThenticate account is the administrator.

No need to create folders with an integration with an MTS

If you previously used iThenticate v1, you might be used to creating folders in iThenticate to integrate with your MTS. However, you no longer need to create folders. Everything will be handled through the integration panel in your MTS.

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