Service providers

A diverse, global set of organizations use Crossref metadata. Organizations such as libraries, publishers, metrics and analytics companies, search engines, and many others. They come to Crossref to integrate, use, or disseminate our metadata in a variety of sources and services; our members in turn benefit from this work through enhanced discoverability of their research outputs.

Service providers

There are a number of ways for organizations to work with metadata, including service providers such as hosting platforms and XML providers who may provide or deposit metadata into the system on behalf of publishers.

These organizations provide key services to our shared community, by formatting metadata and providing visibility to registered content on hosting platforms. Working closely with service providers as our own services develop is critical to improving research communications at all points in supply chain.

If you are looking to use Crossref metadata, our Metadata Delivery page provides guidance on choosing the best service for you.

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Last Updated: 2018 October 17 by Jennifer Kemp